Festival Information

Pesticide Notice

This park has been treated for mosquitoes with EPA approved products by licensed professionals, following all local State and Federal regulations.

As part of an integrated mosquito control program, organic lavacide tablets (B.t.i. briquets containing bacillus thuringiensis) are used in standing water and low environmental impact Cyfluthrin (a controlled release pyrethroid-EPA reg#73748-4) and Materline Kontrol 4-4 (permethrin-EPA reg#499-470) have been applied to the grounds.

If you have any health concerns regarding these products, please stay out of the park.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Cooler Policy

Those individuals with bonafide medical needs requiring a special diet or foods would be permitted to bring coolers with specified item(s) into the park. Examples might be baby food, baby formula, medicines (i.e. insulin) and freshly cut vegetables and fruit. If you have medicines that need to be refrigerated, the on-site medical facility has a refrigerator for such needs.

We do not allow patrons to bring their own bottled water, sodas, beer or foods into the venue. Pepsi products and bottled water are being sold in all the parks as well as a variety of healthy and/or low calorie alternatives.